The intercollegiate athletics and recreational programs at Vaughn College are built upon a philosophy that everyone should enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle. For some students that will mean competing in intercollegiate athletics. For others, recreational activities will create engagement for students and allow them to build relationships. 

The athletics and recreation department strives to create a successful balance of academic and athletic excellence, as well as build pride and passion for our student-athletes. The goal is unite our campus community and alumni through intercollegiate athletics competition. Combined with exceptional coaching and mentoring, we will ensure our student-athletes realize their full potential as individuals and as team members.



The overall mission of Vaughn College’s athletics and recreation department is to provide opportunities for all students that will enhance the overall student experience. Our emphasis  is creating an atmosphere that encourages personal growth while balancing academic and athletic distinction. 

The staff is dedicated to selflessly serving our students, while fostering an environment in which mutual respect, a strong work ethic, honesty, integrity and diversity prosper.  We strive to maintain and exhibit the highest moral standards as well as honor the mission, values and traditions of Vaughn.